Ways to Give


uddy Sneakers is made possible through the heart-felt gifts of forward-thinking foundations and individual donors like yourself. Your donation, in any amount, enables us to continue providing valuable programming to public school children and we deeply appreciate the support.

Community Sponsorship Program


eveloping increased support through our Community Sponsor program comes at a critical time. Whether you are an interested parent, supporter of public education, local business or organization, advocate for outdoor/experiential education or just a concerned citizen, we encourage you to become a Community Sponsor so that we can ensure that the children in your school district continue to be introduced to the wonders of their natural environment through witnessing the science curriculum unfold first hand.

Become a Community Sponsor

Muddy Sneakers is committed to providing its supporters with as many options as possible for contributing to the organization and recognizes that for many that might mean in some form other than an immediate cash donation. Please see the following list of alternative giving mechanisms.

Donation of Stocks/Securities

Instill a lifelong love of nature in the heart of a child!

uddy Sneakers has an account with TD Ameritrade. Donors are welcome to transfer stocks (for immediate sale) through this account which can be located using the following name and account number:

  • Name: Muddy Sneakers, Inc.
  • Account #: 866980675

*NOTE: Muddy Sneakers respectfully requests donors notify the organization prior to or immediately following a donation of securities so as to insure proper management/sale of that donation. For all information pertaining to stock donations, please direct communications to Executive Director Ryan Olson at ryan@muddysneakers.org.

Planned Giving

Cultivate a future generation of nature stewards

uddy Sneakers recognizes the impact of its work is in creating a future generation of invested citizens that understand and have a connection with the natural resources in their community. In this way, donors not only make possible the immediate experience but also are investing in the cultivation of a future generation of stewards that will care for the incredible resources that define their region. There is no better example of legacy giving. The organization also understands the complexities involved in planning an estate and welcomes the opportunity to think through ways in which our donors can use their estate as a tool for ensuring the Muddy Sneakers experience will continue to impact children well into the future in their home region and beyond. Please contact Executive Director Ryan Olson at ryan@muddysneakers.org to further discuss these opportunities.

Gifts of Real Property

Gift real property

uddy Sneakers is open to accepting gifts of real property that provide an opportunity to serve an immediate need or are clearly marketable and can be sold to benefit the organization. Please contact Executive Director Ryan Olson at ryan@muddysneakers.org to further discuss organizational needs and specifics regarding the real property in consideration.

Business/Corporate Sponsor


uddy Sneakers is in the process of designing an opportunity for businesses and corporate entities to provide annual support through sponsorship. Please contact ryan@muddysneakers.org should you have an interest in securing a business sponorship.

Other Ways to Give

This year, give the gift of learning outdoors!


donation to Muddy Sneakers also makes for a great gift, be it to a grandparent or anyone who values a childhood connected to nature. Sponsor a Muddy Sneakers student and honor a loved family member or friend. It’s a gift that shows you value getting students outdoors to connect with nature and themselves.

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Donate to Muddy Sneakers

Each $50 donation sponsors one student’s participation in Muddy Sneakers for a full school year! Learn more »