Thank you for your interest in our work!

Anyone who has an interest in volunteering with Muddy Sneakers is asked to first join a 5th grade class on a full-day Learning Expedition before becoming involved with the organization. Spending a day with the program will give you a clearer sense of what Muddy Sneakers aims to accomplish in collaborating with public schools in your area.

Give us a call at (828) 862-5560 and contact us for a detailed calendar of expeditions and to arrange to spend a day in the woods with local schoolchildren. Please note that all expeditions are subject to change and are weather dependent.

Seeking volunteers who could serve in the following capacities

  • Event Staffing

    Sign up for a shift or full day at one of the many events where Muddy Sneakers has an informational booth. These events are spread out across the year and the organization is working to diversify our presence at successful events across the four-county program area. Some recent events include the White Squirrel Festival, Get Outdoors (‘GO’) Day, Mountain Song Festival, and Wild South Wild Things! weekend. This is an opportunity to continue to spread the word about who we are and why it is important to reconnect our youth with the outdoors. These events are also an excellent time to meet and visit with Muddy Sneakers alumni as well as those preparing to participate. We also use these opportunities to spread the word about the Community Sponsor program and recruit more ‘sponsors’ interested in contributing annually to ensure students in their area continue to participate in the program.

  • Photographer

    Arrange with the Program Director to spend one or several days each semester in the field on trips with students. Take photographs of students from different participating schools to be used in promotional materials and for the Muddy Sneakers website. Must have a digital camera and the ability to download photos to share online.

  • Learning Expedition Chaperones

    Sign up to join Muddy Sneakers students on specific Learning Expeditions, serving as a second adult with each group of 10-12 students in cases when schools are short on adult chaperones.
    Ongoing/as-needed basis

  • Offer a Staff Development Workshop

    Muddy Sneakers will hold its fall staff training in late August and its spring staff training in late January. We also have at least one staff meeting mid-semester, usually in October and again in March. During these full-day meetings, we often ask a guest speaker to offer professional development to our field staff. If you have expertise pertaining to one of our Learning Expedition topics for 5th graders or some other area of the environmental/experiential education field that relates to our work, please be in touch. We would love to set up a workshop as part of our staff training/continuing education.
    August, October, January and March on an as-needed basis

  • Create, Edit, or Design Promotional Materials

    Much of our promotional materials are created by staff, friends and supporters who don’t have design or advertising/promotion training and we would welcome someone to assist in designing and or editing these materials.
    Several days every few months

  • Distribute Muddy Sneakers Literature at Local Businesses

    Spend a couple of hours every few months delivering Muddy Sneakers pamphlets and Community Sponsor materials to Chambers of Commerce, outdoor stores, etc. in the Transylvania, Henderson, Buncombe and McDowell county areas to spread the word on what Muddy Sneakers is doing and how folks can assist in the effort.
    2-3 days every 2-3 months

  • Organize a Fundraiser

    Host a dinner or outing at your home and ask attendees to contribute to funding local schoolchildren’s outings with Muddy Sneakers as a “ticket” to your home event. We will help you with set-up and materials for your event.
    One-time event

  • Connect Muddy Sneakers with VIPs

    Connect us with political figures, authors, musicians, or other public figures who might support our cause and who you may know on a personal basis. If you know someone who would be willing to host a gathering with proceeds going to Muddy Sneakers, please let us know. We are grateful for any connection you might help us make.
    Ongoing basis

  • Connect Muddy Sneakers with Local Businesses

    If you have connections with local businesses who might provide support for Muddy Sneakers, particularly those who might be interested in sponsoring food for staff trainings or other fundraising events, or business owners with a strong interest in the work we do, we would be grateful to make those contacts.
    Ongoing basis

  • Help Us in the Office on a Weekly Basis

    If you are seeking more consistent involvement with Muddy Sneakers, we would welcome your help at our office at 44 West Jordan St. in Brevard. We always have filing, office organization, and projects going on and would be glad to work with you to figure out how to best use your skill set.
    Half-day every two weeks

  • Help us Write and/or Edit Grants

    We are always producing grants to seek funds to get kids in the woods. If you have expertise in writing or editing, please let us know.
    Ongoing basis

  • Assist the Muddy Sneakers ‘Community Sponsor’ Program

    Compile and update our membership lists, send membership letters, and schedule events.
    Ongoing basis

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